Welcome Stephens Elementary School Family:

In partnership with the school, the PTO invites you to join so that you may stay informed and involved in your child’s learning experience.  Please fill out a School/PTO Volunteer Form and return it at Open House or at the front office.

We also know how busy parents are.  With that in mind, we are asking parents and guardians to commit to our volunteer program Two Hour Power.  It’s amazing what two hours of your volunteered time can do.  And you can do it at your convenience.  Look for information on volunteering opportunities, fundraisers and PTO events as they are published in the newsletter and through informational inserts in the agenda.

The PTO strives to educate and inform our parents on how to make their child’s educational experience meaningful and successful.  Please forward questions and suggestions for topics or programs of interest to the PTO at the address above.  You can also email us at PTO1751@polk-fl.net.