Student Artwork

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Being given a plain piece of paper and being asked to turn it into a work of art can be very challenging.  In the art room we try to develop skills that will help us to solve this challenge.  I’m sure many of us, still today, may argue that the best thing we can draw is a stick figure.  But in the art room we learn that some upside-down triangles, half circles and lines can become the face of a lion, or that many rectangles and circles of different sizes can become a car or truck.  Each art project that our students complete is a problem solving challenge that they have overcome.  There are always different ways to solve a problem, and some may be more successful than others, but it is through the effort of trying that our students grow.  So I never let the students say that can’t do art, we are always trying and learning to do art better than we did before.  To celebrate overcoming the challenges I give the students, we photograph each artwork and post it to our online art gallery.

To see the student artwork please click on the link above.  It will take you to our Artsonia hosted online gallery.  The artworks are grouped by project, and labeled with the students’ first names.  It is possible to order the products offered by Artsonia and part of the proceeds from those purchases would come back to the art room, but all ordering is done online and handled by Artsonia.

Great thanks from the art room for visiting our gallery and seeing all the hard work we do every day.

Jacel Rodriguez – The Art Teacher